Javascript Coders Wanted

Job posted August 4, 2019
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Javascript Coders for Learning Sciences Projects

Job Description

I am looking for contract programmers to help us implement classroom-based learning systems. I’d like to find programmers with experience in ANY of the following areas:

We don’t expect a single person to embody all these skills, so if you are familiar with ANY of them, let’s talk!

If you have additional experience in any of these specialized areas, that would be a big bonus. We are actively dealing with these issues:

This is paying work for perhaps 4 and 200 hours of work. The number of hours will depend on what we scope based on your experience and our needs. You would be working directly with me (Dave Seah) and Dr. Ben Loh (a principal of edtech company Inquirium LLC) to set clear goals and deliverables.

We also may be able to work with programmers who want to develop expertise in the above technologies under some kind of hybrid arrangement. Let’s talk! See the Extras section for more information.

Past and Ongoing Projects

The following projects will give you an idea of the kind of work you would be helping with: