Javascript Coders Wanted

Job posted August 4, 2019
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Javascript Coders for Learning Sciences Projects

Project Details

I have a good working relationship with Inquirium and Dr. Loh. developing realtime software. Most recently, we have been working on a series of National Science Foundation-funded grant work.

While Ben and I are pretty experienced with computer graphics going back to the 1980s, there is a LOT of technology to keep up with. We adopted Javascript as one of our new platforms in 2013, and would love to find knowledgeable people help steer our development path.

Initial Project Work

If we have a fruitful first meeting, the next step is to tailor a few projects around our needs and your expertise. There are three kinds of starter projects that come to mind:

After a few projects like this, we will have a better idea of how we work together and take it from there. It is our goal to form good long-term working relationships with contractors.

Our Clients

Unlike other software, our code does not have to result in a “perfectly-polished” software experience. Instead, we are implementing prototypes to test ideas that are still being formed by research questions.

Since we work with demanding academics on publicly-funded projects, there is a considerable amount of communication that happens between each milestone. We emphasize the needs of the research over high polish, though we of course strive to deliver both.

Our Working Style

Our everyday communication is handled via Slack, Zoom, Google Docs, GitHub, and other online collaboration tools. My colleague at Inquirium is located in San Jose, California so much of our communication is time-shifted.

We emphasize the needs of the project, but not over the needs of people’s lives. You should, however, have a high tolerance for conversation and be proactive in telling us your availability. Our approach depends on it.

We use an agile-style approach to estimate time and burn rate. Typically our arranged meeting overhead is about an hour a week, plus time spent in Slack asking questions or giving answers whenever we are around.

We do not have fixed working hours, but schedule meetings and pair-programming sessions as needed. We try not to have more than one meeting a week, shifing peer problem-solving to the Slack channel. Talking out problems when we are stuck is a strategy we use more regularly than status meetings.

We keep detailed time logs of our work for use in billing the client. You will be paid monthly upon timely submission of your timesheet.