io.davidseah.com content guide

Adding a Page

Just create a markdown file with the .md extension anywhere in a folder/file with _ characters. Also add a SRID to the front matter for the future.

Adding a Multi-Page Job Description

Multi-page jobs are created by creating a .yml file in the _data/jobmeta/ directory. This is the format of the 001.yml file.

header: "Javascript Coders Wanted"
posted: "Job posted August 4, 2019"
canonical: "/bulletin/001-job"
email: "someone@someplace.com"
twitter: "@twitterhandle"
-   title: 1. Job Description
    url: /bulletin/001-job/page1-description
-   title: 2. Project Details
    url: /bulletin/001-job/page2-details
-   title: 3. Extras
    url: /bulletin/001-job/page3-extra
-   title: Contact Dave
    url: /bulletin/001-job/page4-contact

You then create the set of files specified in the nav section.

The canonical url in the jobmeta .yml file is the folder that contains the .html files. You can have this redirect to a specific file by creating an index.md file containing this front matter:

layout: redirect
redirectTo: "page1-description"

Assets Directory

Site-wide static assets go into assets. For images, see below.

Adding Images

I can upload image files to davidseah.net in the images directory in either JPEG or PNG format. (see the Plesk NodeJS configuration for the upload directory).

If you uploaded a file to images/19/0805-lrc-03.jpg, use the special LZIL INCLUDE in your page file:

{% include LZIMG src='19/0805-lrc-03.jpg' 
   style='left' nopopup=false
   caption="optional caption goes here"
   alt="a picture of a something"

Currently the supported LZIMG options are:

param options notes
style ‘left’, ‘right’ (default left) classes defined in assets/css/style.css
imgsize integer (default 3) image width as in 1/imgsize * fullWidth, where fullWidth is defined in include/LZIMG as 500.
nopopup true, false (default false) whether to implement popup (unimplemented)
caption ‘caption string’ set the title attribute
alt ‘image description’ set the alt attribute for screen readers