Customizing Minimal

See https://github.com/pages-themes/minimal

I used jekyll new test to see what went into a Gemfile, which is like a package.json file

I copied the Gemfile into daveseah.github.io

I modified it to use github-pages and specified the theme. A Gemfile apparently is just a bunch of files? Not sure

Then according to Gemfile comments, ran bundle install followed by bundle update github-pages, which because I hadn’t run install before didn’t do anything new.

I think I can run it now by doing bundle exec jekyll serve and navigating to localhost:4000…it shows!

Some errors:

The hint on the _includes error is that the theme’s gemfile doesn’t have one.

remove theme: jekyll-theme-minimal from _config.yml remove gem "jekyll-theme-minimum" from Gemfile since we’re not longer referring to it

The ‘Github Metadata’ error always appears on local sites