Knowledge System Organization

Sri’s Knowledge Base Filing System (SRI-KBFS) is a file-based notebook system design for easy entering of data in a Markdown-derived format. The goals are:

I just want to think and write as fast as possible, and have the system help arrange my thinking into remixable ideas through features like:

Other features:

The system is being prototyped using off-the-shelf static site generators. I’m using JEKYLL currently but will likely move to a NodeJS-based Javascript implementation to add the above features.

Concept: Publish on Assignment of ID

Folders and files are used to store content, but are not used to generate pathnames. Use files and folders in any way to keep track of temporary notes. To register a note with the system, add a SRID of the form 0000:YYYY:MMDD:HHMM to generate a unique id within your file store. KBFS will generate a public file that can be addressed by a XURL or by SRID; these are the “evergreen canonical links”.

The reason for this approach is that most of the time, the filesystem is in flux as new ideas are developed. I am constantly renaming and moving things in folders. Ideally, the folder structure itself doesn’t matter and the canonical id, groups, inferred relationships, and cross references can live anywhere. The system uses the SRID as the unique identifier, and generates pages and derived content from it and the relationships it can uncover.

Reference: SRI-KBS Front Matter

Here’s the relationships I’m currently considering:

Some of these tags are generated (e.g. XURL). In general the S* names designate “internal private” SRI-KBFS uses and X* names are for “external facing” references used by the public.


“I needed a [replacement for hexadecimal]1 (base 16) for similar reasons (e.g. for encoding a key, etc.), the best I could come up with is the following set of 16 characters, which can be used as a replacement for hexadecimal:”

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
H M N 3 4 P 6 7 R 9 T W C X Y F
  1. https://stackoverflow.com/a/27459196